LogiClean is a High End Commercial Cleaning Company. What people on the outside don’t see is what LogiClean is really about. We are about People! If you are looking to join a growing and fun culture, you are in the right place! LogiClean is always looking for people that want more in life and are willing to get their hands dirty doing it!

We primarily offer part-time positions beginning at 5:30pm, 8:00pm, or 10pm and offer schedules for 8 hours per week to 30 hours per week. LogiClean is always looking for qualified and hardworking folks to join our growing team!

Our Core Values at LogiClean are not just some words that are posted on our office walls. They are what we live by here.

Passion- This is not just a feeling but a verb! Here at LogiClean we want our employees to be passionate in every avenue of their lives.

Fun- We believe here at LogiClean that fun can and will be had at work. If you’re not having fun you are doing it wrong.

Do More With Less- In any situation you must figure out the best way to make it happen no matter what tools are in front of you.

Be honest- We hold our employees to the highest of standards. People trust us to be in their place of business and therefore we must trust our team.

Take responsibility- We all work together to make sure our work gets done and done well!

Be all things Clean- From your uniform to your work at LogiClean we keep a standard that most companies are envious of.

To apply for a position, please email cheyenne@gologiclean.com .  Make sure to include your phone number and a resume if you have one.

NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.  Send an email first and we will call you to set up an interview.  Thanks!